Volunteer Spotlight
Rachel Cogley
May 2021

Name & Grade of your Child or Children?

Madison - 3rd Grade Mrs. Sidun & Miles - 1st Grade Mrs. Tabarez

What do you do as a volunteer at Harloe?

Originally, when I began volunteering, I was the chair for the coupon book fundraiser. Since COVID has affected so many of our local businesses, we decided not to do that fundraiser this year and replaced it with the See's Candy fundraiser. Hopefully next year we'll be able to pick up where we left off!   

What do you like best about Harloe?

I love the sense of community at Harloe! All of the teachers my kids have had throughout the years have been wonderful. The staff is always smiling and helpful. 

What is one thing you'd love to see added or changed?

I'm looking forward to when our kids can be back in the classroom full time!

How do you spend your time outside of Harloe?

We love baseball/softball season! Madison is in her 5th year of playing for 5 Cities Girls Softball. Last year she expressed interest in pitching but the pandemic messed that all up. She's back in the saddle this season and has been taking private lessons to learn the skills required. Miles just started playing baseball for Arroyo Grande Valley Little League. This will be his first full season, since last year's got cut short. So, we are excited to watch him play. My husband, Dave, and I play adult co-ed softball and we are so excited to be back out on the field since April. We are also huge football fans! Dave loves the Chargers and I am a die hard Cowboys fan!! Madison also keeps us very busy with all her Girl Scout activities. We just wrapped up cookie season and she sold a whopping 1,500 boxes of cookies!!!  

Why did you get involved in volunteering?

I want my kids elementary school experience to be a memorable one so I figured being as involved as I could be in the PTO would help make sure we got the best out of these years. I love "being in the know" with all the school happenings. We have an amazing group of ladies that sit on the PTO Board and I'm lucky to be part of that group!