Volunteer Spotlight
Brooke & Kevin Bates
November/December 2021

Name & Grade of your Child or Children?

Colin (Third grade) and Audrey (First grade)

What do you do as a volunteer at Harloe?

We help in our kids classrooms and fulfill the Harloe Spirit Wear orders.

What do you like best about Harloe?

The wholesomeness of the community of families, teachers and staff all with the common desire to support our kids both educationally and emotionally.

What is one thing you'd love to see added or changed?

The addition of more extra curricular activities.

How do you spend your time outside of Harloe?

We love to be outdoors!  Some of our favorite activities are fishing, camping, gardening, reading, playing and watching baseball.


Why did you get involved in volunteering?

We wanted to be more involved with our kids education, while also supporting the great team at Harloe.